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    Powerpoint setting up a collaborative environment on server 2012

    I want to setup powerpoint in a collaborative environment (ie. multiple people can have powerpoint open and working on it at the same time and makin changes) on our own server running server2012. Office 2013 is installed (with powerpoint). My question more specifically is what other microsoft...
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    Will Windows Installer 4.5 be added to update catalog for WSUS Deployment?

    I would like to know if and when the Windows Installer 4.5 will be added to teh update catalog, so that it can be rolled out via WSUS? I do not want to have to download 3 separate files and then create a smart GPO that an determine OS to install which file. View the thread
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    je narrive plus a aller a ma boite mail comment faire

    il a fallu que jinstalle skype et depuis je ne peut plus acceder a ma boite mail jai des attente de rdv urgent qui doivent arriver dessus View the thread
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    My last name is misspelled as the sender when I send a message by Outlook Express, and I am unable to see a way to correct it. Anyone know how to do this? Help!!! View this thread
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    Phone call regarding Microsoft updates

    I have just been called by what sounded like an overeas technical firm claiming that my computer has not been receiving automatic updates. This sounded like a scam so I put the phone down. Anyone else had a similar experience? I note that my computer has indeed not received an update since 24th...
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    Programlar Uyumluluk Uygulama Uygulamalar Uygulama Uygulamalar Oyun Oyunlar Eski ��kme ��kme durumla

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    OneNote configuring for create new book on a networkshare and restrict the importet files to 1MB

    Hi, we want to configure OneNote per policy or registry to create new book on a networkshare (this is in backup) and to restrict the file that can be put into OneNote to 1MB. is this possible ? Greetings Markus View this thread
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    Office 365 - Importing PST Files

    Hi there, going round in circles over this issue. Firstly, I know of two ways to import our .PST files to our newly setup office 365 accounts (assume this uses exchange 2013??). The first is using the tool PST Capture - This gives me the same (unresolved) issue posted in other topics - where it...
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    no Delete option when right-clicking in Task Scheduler

    I created a bat file which I successfully got to run via Windows Task Scheduler. Now I wish to remove the task from the scheduler. When I go to Task Scheduler I see the task, but when I right-click on it, no options come up. I thought I would see a Delete option appear. View the thread
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    Blue Screen - Continues after system restore

    I have an HP MediaSmart EX495 Windows Home Server (v1). For a long time I've been putting up with random system crashes and finally decided it was time to reinstall the OS. I reinstalled everything which went fine and got the system fully patched. Much to my chagrin it continues to crash...
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    my C drive is 98% full and my D drive is 99% empty

    i get messages that say my my memory is low View this thread
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    Windows 7 VPN

    What is VPN ? View the thread
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    I deleted the addresses on my hard drive by formatting it the wrong way. Now windows is only reading 99.9 megs and its a 1tb drive. Please help! View the thread
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    Problem during Boot!

    A few days back i installed red hat Linux 6 over my windows 7 homebasic in a separate partition.Now i deleted that partion today and after that when i restarted my computer it does not boot rather it gives me a blinking cursor on the black screen! iMy system passed the system daignostics! plz...
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    PC tool spyware doctor is retiring.

    Last scan told me to download Norton to finish my 3 months with them. Norton didn't download and PC went away. Now I don't have any antivirus with 3 months left on subscription. Any idea how to contact PC tools? View this thread
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    When trying to update Windows XP, I get the message: Error number: 0x80245001

    When trying to update Windows XP, I get the message: Error number: 0x80245001 View this thread
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    %u015fifremi %u00e7alm%u0131%u015flar

    şifrem açlındı annem beni kesecek üzgünüm alıyorum şuan View the thread
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    paitalk جدار الحمايه يحظره من الدحول

    ممكن اصلاح مشكلتي جدار الحمايه وندوز يحظر برنامج البالتك من دخوله View the thread
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    Went from Vista to 7. Bios did not upgrade. How do I fix it? Getac V100

    Purchased a used Getac V100 that originally came with Vista. The person I got it from put professional 7 on it. The Vista bios apparently remains and causes some stability problems. Is there a fix for this? View the thread
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    unable to install Windows updates

    Have Windows 7 , Home Premium, 64-bit, with Service Pack 1 installed. Am unable to install Windows Updates KB2691442 and KB2522422, getting error codes 80073712 and 8024200D Thanks for your help, Alexander View the thread
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