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    Microsoft Windows BBS is Back

    I have re-acquired the community from the person I had originally transferred it to. I know it has been offline for a while. Had I known, when I turned over the site to the new owner, that he would neglect it and then close it I would have never gave it up. In any case we are back and soon will...
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    Unable to hibernate or receive MS updates

    These two problems appear to be related. I am unable to hibernate because the button for hibernate on the shutdown window is gone. When I try to shut down I get a message that MS updates are available but before the updates are completed (or maybe even started) the system shuts down. I am...
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    Error code

    I get error code Ox8007f0f4 when I try to download update KB2779562 how can I fix this plz? View this thread
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    Un-needed updates

    I have W7 with IE8 and MS Word 2002. Windows updates includes 1 for IE10 and 5 for MS Office 2007 suites. I have not installed them because I don't have either of those. Can they be removed from updates notices? And another - I have W7 with IE8. There is an update for MS Silverlight and one...
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    Problems activating Project 2013 Standard

    I downloaded and installed the Project 2013 Standard edition and get the &quotwe are having temporary server issues&quot when trying to activate the product, and yes I am connected to the internet. View this thread
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    I installed sp3 from a cd and now having problems

    I installed SP3 from a cd now I can only start my desk top in safe mode . when I try to fined an answer for this problem I am told to remove the installed soft ware. There must be a way to keep the SP3 update and start the desk top computer? View this thread
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    Windows Firewall not starting, error code 0x8007042c

    I cannot turn on the Windows firewall. I am getting error code 0x8007042c. I have tried running the MS Fix-It app but it is unable to fix the error. Also, the "Background Intelligent Transfer Service" is not in my Services list. I am using Windows 7. View this thread
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    how can i chang my password now

    i want to change my pasword please tell me how now View this thread
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    Will Windows Installer 4.5 be added to update catalog for WSUS Deployment?

    I would like to know if and when the Windows Installer 4.5 will be added to teh update catalog, so that it can be rolled out via WSUS? I do not want to have to download 3 separate files and then create a smart GPO that an determine OS to install which file. View this thread
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    windows8 driver update broadcom 2070

    I cannot install in W8 the "Broadcom Corporation driver update for Broadcom 2070 Bluetooth" I always get the error no 80070005 and a failure message. How can I do this update successfully? W8 IE10 in use without a touch screen. View this thread
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    instalation of update "Windows Live Esential KB2434419"

    I have tried several times to install update &quotWindows Live Esential KB2434419&quot and it fails. HELP! View this thread
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    Installing MSE deleted content of Netword Connections. Help!!!

    I am running XP 3. I downloaded MSE and MS Safety scanner and later found the Network Connections folder empty. Can anyone help me fix this issue? Thank you in advance. View this thread
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    New Folder issue Windows 7 Professional

    Cannot create "new folders" . Have seen others having same issue no solutions yet any ideas what could be the issue? Have tried sfc/scannow at command prompt no issues, run Microsoft virus scan no issues, reset all folder options to "defaults" did not work? Any help would be appreciated ! Using...
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    Critical Update which installs Internet Explorer 10 results in error "Unable to display webpage" on

    The following was recently installed by automatic update: Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems Installation date: ‎5/‎3/‎2013 3:06 AM Installation status: Successful Update type: Important Internet Explorer 10 is fast and fluid, and lets your websites shine and perform just...
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    Windows update KB2769369 problem

    I have a nine-month old HP pavilion PC running Windows 7 (64) and have been unable to install Update KB2769369 having an error code of 80073712. I have been in touch with the support people at my PC supplier and they instructed me on what to do and when this was completed they said they had...
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    Phone call regarding Microsoft updates

    I have just been called by what sounded like an overeas technical firm claiming that my computer has not been receiving automatic updates. This sounded like a scam so I put the phone down. Anyone else had a similar experience? I note that my computer has indeed not received an update since 24th...
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    Error Codes 800B0100 and 80070570 result in 6 failed updates.

    I am updating from a clean re-install of Windows Vista Home Premium. I downloaded and installed the update readiness tool and tried the Windows automatic troubleshooter. However, Windows doesn't recognise the Automatic Troubleshooter. It doesn't know which program created the file and...
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    solution to error code 80070070

    i have enough space on my PC and Phone (HTC HD7) yet it gives me this error. I want to update my phone and i've tried on different computers and it gives me the same error report. any help? View this thread
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    Script error when trying to add new search provider

    Disabled searchnu which found its way onto my computer (as default browser)., Now script error appears when I try to add a new search provider. View this thread
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    Installing Google Voice & Video Chat In Vista OS

    i'm trying to install google voice &amp video chat on my laptop running Vista home premium. i have downloaded the plugin from the google site. however, when i run the installer - it gives a "FATAL ERROR" 1603 message. would request a solution thanx View this thread
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