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  1. Desandu Hettiarachchi

    Good Bye, Everyone...!

    Hi Everyone, I CAME BACK...!:jump:
  2. Desandu Hettiarachchi

    Please follow me on Instagram - (@Desandu7000)...!:)

    Please follow me on Instagram - (@Desandu7000)...!:)
  3. Desandu Hettiarachchi

    Wishing you all a very Happy New Year...! :D

    :)Wishing you all Health, Wealth, and Happiness in the New Year ahead...!:) :party:May 2022 be an Extraordinary one...!:party:
  4. Desandu Hettiarachchi

    Good Bye, Everyone...!

    *Note: Hello Everyone. I won't be in Windows BBS, after Jan 2022, FOR 2 YEARS.:( I'm Banned to use my Computer for the next 2 Years, as the O/L Exam. So, Let's See, if I'm Fortunate to Turn on my Computer on the Vacation. See you all in 2024. Bye! Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year...!*
  5. Desandu Hettiarachchi

    Win10 Disk Running 100% Most of the Time

    You can examine what uses your Disk 100%, by the Task Manager. You can search for the Task Manager, or by pressing this Key Combination - (Ctrl+Shift+Esc). If 100% of the Disk is used by an Unknown Application, disabling the Antivirus isn't a Good Option. There might be a Virus on your Computer...
  6. Desandu Hettiarachchi

    A Suggestion about the Profile...!

    Ohh, now I understood. Ha Ha, I think Windows BBS has upgraded your System before you Update it...!;)
  7. Desandu Hettiarachchi

    A Suggestion about the Profile...!

    Umm, can you please phrase it in another way? - (is shown in my Windows driver)???:ththink1:
  8. Desandu Hettiarachchi

    I paid for minecraft bedrock windows 10 by mistake id like to refund it and install minecraft java istead, i have not played on the bedrock ccount

    Oh, Unfortunately, I think you can't do like that. But, I think you can Request a refund from Xbox...!
  9. Desandu Hettiarachchi

    A Suggestion about the Profile...!

    I'm using Windows 11, but it still shows Windows 10 for the OS, in my Profile. It's better if it's Updated. And the Browser too should be Updated. I'm using the New Microsoft Edge (Beta Version), but it still shows the old Logo...!
  10. Desandu Hettiarachchi

    Update Windows 10 version 1909 to version 21H2

    No, it will remove nothing. The only thing you need to do is, just go to Settings>Windows Updates and click on Check for Updates. There you'll be able to install 21H2. Or, Download Windows Update Assistant - ( Download Windows 10 ). And, it'll upgrade your PC into the Latest Version. This is not...
  11. Desandu Hettiarachchi

    I am unable to uninstall the latest feature update, it has caused several problems with my computer, what can I do?

    Oh, There's probably a Virus on your Computer:(. I suggest Resetting your PC. Don't waste time doing other things. Because, if there is a Virus on your Computer, it gradually clears all the System Files. And Then, you'll not be able to Reset your PC, even! I think you're getting an Error when...
  12. Desandu Hettiarachchi

    Can I opt out of ads in Windows lock screen?

    Ads on the Lockscreen...???:oops:
  13. Desandu Hettiarachchi

    Live Chat With Me -( Desandu Hettiarachchi | Desandu 7 )- :who-me:

    Live Chat With Me -( Desandu Hettiarachchi | Desandu 7 )- :who-me:
  14. Desandu Hettiarachchi

    My Website - (Desandu 7 ICT) -( )- :punch:

    My Website - (Desandu 7 ICT) -( )- :punch:
  15. Desandu Hettiarachchi

    Me on Scratch - (Desandu7000) -( )- Please Follow me...

    Me on Scratch - (Desandu7000) -( )- Please Follow me, Like and Favourite my Projects too...!:)
  16. Desandu Hettiarachchi

    How To Remove Youtube From Taskbar?

    Hello DivMizrahi, First of all, you need to check that if it's installed as an App. Open Microsoft Edge, click the 3 Dots in the Up Right Corner. Now, Hover 'Apps' in the middle of the Popup Menu. If you have already installed it. It is shown in this way; To uninstall it, open the Start...
  17. Desandu Hettiarachchi

    Adobe files saved to local drive will only open as one drive files

    Hello SuzannePagana, I think you have accidentally changed the Default Location to OneDrive. To stop this from happening, try doing it this way. Right-click the Documents Folder, in the Popup menu, click Properties. Now click 'Location' Tab You can change the Default Location by...
  18. Desandu Hettiarachchi

    Media Creation Tool 21H1

    Hello Van1, Why do you need 21H1? The latest version is 21H2, you can download it from the Media Creation Tool. If you have previously downloaded the Media Creation Tool, it is automatically updated, because Microsoft no longer offers 21H1. If you wanted to download 21H1, the only way is the...
  19. Desandu Hettiarachchi

    This is my Scratch Studio - (Desandu 7 ICT) -( )- Check...

    This is my Scratch Studio - (Desandu 7 ICT) -( )- Check it out...! * And please, Don't Forget to Follow the Studio, and Like, Favourite, & Comment Projects on this Studio...! * Some Games are Playable only for Computers...!
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