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  1. AWS

    Resources for Windows 11

    Windows 11 was released for the general public starting October 5, 2021. The rollout through Windows update has started to the eligible devices and continue until 2022. Windows 11: A new era for the PC begins today | Windows Experience Blog Introducing Windows 11 | Windows Experience Blog...
  2. Desandu Hettiarachchi

    The Second Thread Of Microsoft Windows 11 Board...!

    :1233-hand-clapping:Thank you very much, I was waiting for this...!:1233-hand-clapping: For Windows 11 Lovers:wub:, Just a Simple Question...!:punch:; Scroll up to see, What's Up...! (Live Chat with me...!):roundtable:
  3. AWS

    New Forum For Windows 11 and Windows Server 2019 and Other Changes

    I added new forums for Windows 11 and also Windows 2019 Server. Seems I miss that one when it was first released. I also archived the Windows XP and Windows Server 2008 boards. They are both EOL.
  4. AWS

    Welcome to Windows 11 Forum

    You can use this forum to discuss the latest Microsoft operating system Windows 11.
  5. Desandu Hettiarachchi

    It's better if there is a Board for Windows 11 too in Windows BBS...!

    Suggestion: Now Windows 11 is released. So, there should be a Board for Windows 11 too. Then users that have installed Windows 11, can use that Board to share their questions...! Thank you, Desandu Hettiarachchi, Sri Lanka.
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