anybody heard of the compatablity issues with gateways amt interface driver and vista


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Oct 27, 2007
Hello people

Nice to join your group.I have been having mulitiple problems with my 2 gateway desktops with vista home premium.The first I had no ability to do shadow copys(back ups)I mean no back ups at all.I called gateway and they told me it was beyond there scope!!My media center in first computer froze up every time I ventured a step in.So on to second p.c have had problems with MP telemetry?Dont know why and aol is messing with me constantly and many minor little bugs.My question is this .In my problems and reports program they said I have solutions to some of my issues the first solution is the compatability issue with amt interface driver and vista (get new driver from windows vista compatability list(I have no idea what would be compatible)I wouldnt even know what I am looking for.The next solution is compatability issue with intel active management(KCS and windows vista)same solution as before (go to windows compatabilty list)again what do I choose to replace it with?has anyone else with vista had these solutions suggested to them and What the heck do we do to fix this?I am thinking but dont know for sure that maybe this why I have been having little and big problems with both p.cs.I tryed to do a factory reinstall with second computer and it failed for some reason mid way through and I lost every thing including boot manager what a mess that was, not to mention when I tryed to reinstall the new hard drive the hard drive was partitioned back wards (according to the computer tech who I finnally went to)I do mean completely backwards.I have been having a heck of a time.I just realized I am writing a book here sorry .Just need to know if anyone else experiencing wierd stuff and how they fixed the mess


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May 20, 2008
Re: anybody heard of the compatablity issues with gateways amt interface driver and v

i say stop using vista & use windows xp for good
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