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I have a computer assistant that it is not a wonder but I strange that go every day more and more slow surfing the Internet, when a few weeks ago was much faster. Interface slow in Firefox being, or not on the Internet and tedious loading of web pages. So tedious was the load that I noticed in the tab of Firefox which indicates the web addresses that loaded on each page, and noting that in all the pages before you open them will be connected to addresses of the type Google Ad and Google Analytics. I closed my session in Google and is now going incredibly fast, not appearing more that are connects to these places. The moral of the story if you look at the Gmail on the web, remember to log off later. (regardless of whether I have disabled the tracking navigation history on the part of Google in my accounts).
This note I've written for all the operating systems but I just make at the moment a test on Windows 2000 and the result is different: I have noticed that when Firefox 12 show the message "The web page does not exist" is because they are really trying to connect to Google Analytics and the browser is not updated. But if we close the session in Google the web page is displayed correctly.

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