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Hi all,

Quick question about how memory addressed, more specifically divided up on 32bit OS in order to better optimize an application.

The machine in question has 4gb RAM. 3.25 shows as usable.

The video card has 1gb, I've not idea how this is mapped at startup. I can maybe source a card with 512mb (last resort).

The /3gb switch in boot.ini can unlock certain features of an app i'd like to use. Without it, some features are omitted (at best a precautionary measure, in my opinion not needed). When the /3gb switch is enabled, problems arise, noteably graphics driver (sometimes) runs out of memory. I see /userva=xxxx can be added to boot.ini to refine /3gb, and so this is what I would like to ask for assistance on setting. (the xxxx). Microsoft recommends between 2900 and 3030 on the relevant knowledge base article.

Some facts;

  • While the app is in use it consumes approx 650mb of on board video memory max, seen via a monitor, I believe. See screenshot.
  • The application by default is patched to be LARGEADDRESSAWARE
  • In any case /3gb must be enabled at all times

With all these facts/conditions... what would be the best /userva=xxxx setting?

Perhaps an easier question is, if /3gb is set, what /userva=xxxx setting would otherwise return memory allocation closer to default had it not been set? ballpark figure? 1000 or 3000?

To clarify why the 3gb switch must be enabled in all cases is, well, it was a recent decision to enable LARGEADDRESSAWARE on the app to be better accommodated by 64bit systems. When this was done some users with 32bit OS had problems. So the developers LARGEADDRESSAWARE and greyed out certain options in the app to make it more stable. Before this greying out change, I myself personally, didn't have a problem but that was with a 256mb card. The problems are likely to have been stirred by the recent trend in video cards copious amounts of video ram. Its unlikely said app will be reverted to oldschool. So my only option is to use said switches to revert full features, perhaps In conjunction with an optimum userva setting.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance. Great forum.

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