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i was wondering if anyone has experience with installing gart drivers and / or igp 340/345m on windows nt 4.0. i have here a sony pcg-frv28 that i want to test out on nt 4.0. i have not been able to confirm for sure if the package i have is really for nt 4.0 or not, it just says gartnt or in the inf, it says supports windows nt, but that could mean windows 2000 and newer only. i was not able to locate a gpu driver for the "PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4337" device or specifically the ipg345m that the laptop uses up till just now, the package i found has an NT 4 folder, the download name was "ati773w9xmew2xp" it is part of ATI Radeon Drivers 7.73. i located the driver package by referring to the forum thread below and manually searching and downloading the 7.73 driver-

Any Idea of ATi NT4 Driver?

however, the guy in the forum said it needed dx8 or above? and the last post mentioned someone using a modded driver which i really didn't want to go about doing, i was not able to find "Patje's DH Mod tool V1.1" that was mentioned either. so i was also wondering if these guys even used the gart driver or if it's required on NT 4, regardless of using the modded m7500 gpu or not.

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