Internet Connection Sharing on Windows 2000?

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Greetings once again, everybody!

I have a windows 2000 computer in my barn. I got internet to it from my house using a D-Link DWL-G132 USB adapter, and I'd like to make a wireless hotspot for my cell phone (which doesn't have good enough reception to reach the house internet on it's own) using a D-Link DAP 1522 In 2.4 Ghz wireless bridge mode. after using the sharing tab on the adapter in 2000 like I normally would in windows XP or 7 (it has always worked on XP or 7) It does not work. When my phone connects to the wireless bridge it refuses to assign an IP. I assume that means W2K is refusing to give it one. Why is this?

Am I Missing Something?

Thank you,

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