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Hi All,

I'll start with a little background. Our comnay is splitting up and I must move all services for multiple locations to a new forest. I still have administrative access to the existing old forest so there shouldn't be anything holding me back except lack of knowledge.

I already have the new DC created for the new forest.
I have tranferred some users retaining passwords and SID history from DomainOLD to DomainNEW using ADMT.
I used FSMT to move some fileshares from FileServerOLD.DomainOLD to FileServerNEW.DomainNEW and everything seems ok and the users logged into DomainNEW can access the shares and files according to their old access rules. A check of the permissions on FileServerNEW shows that they still point to DomainOLD.

I am trying to find a way to move the fileshares from FileServerOLD.DomainOLD to FileServerNEW.DomainNEW and have the permisssions set for DomainNEW. I was unable to find a settting in FSMT to do this so perhaps there is a utilty or script i can run after the fac that will traverse the objects, inspect the ACL finding entries for DomainOLD and replace them with the corresponding values for DomainNEW.

Through extensive searches and test, I cannot figure out how to do this.
Is this possible or do i have to manually eidt each share and the structure below to fix the permissions? Please, "say it ain't so".

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.


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