No Audio for DRM Content - Movies and TV as well as Netflix App



Hi All,

Whenever I play DRM content natively in Windows 10 1709, it won't play the audio on my 4k LG OLED65C8 TV. I have 2 different computers that have the same problem

Computer 1:

- Intel NUC7I5BNH

- Intel Audio

Computer 2:

- Dell Zino AMD Processor

- AMD Audio

Both computers are fresh new Windows 10 installs with all driver updates and exhibit the exact same behavior:

1. Movies & TV personal Videos - Audio & Video work

2. Movies & TV purchased Videos - Video but NO audio

3. Netflix Windows 10 App - Video but NO audio

4. Netflix via Edge Browser - Audio & Video Work

As both computers exhibit the same behavior but have different audio vendors (Intel vs AMD), I figure it has something to do with Windows.

Both computers plugged into my old 1080p TV work fine in all scenarios

Apple MacBook plugged into the new LG TV playing DRM content from iTunes works for both audio & video.

It's a brand new tv with new 4k HDMI high speed cable. I've also tried many different HDMI cables with the same result.

What's with native Windows Apps that can't play DRM content?



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