HP Laptop with Windows 10 with newest updates. My storage on Drive C goes from about 135 GB, to almost Full Capacity, of about 280 GB, within a few da

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Ed Ski-HP 2000 Notebook PC-Using-Windows 10

For the Record. I am fairly knowledgeable about using and running my computer, BUT, do not have the Honor of being a Bona Fide Geek, or hold any Degree's in Computer Technology, or, ITT. I learned mostly by trial and error, a lot of sleepless late nights of frustration, hair pulling, and throwing out profanity's, at this Brain in a Box, since I started educating myself about the Internet and the WWW, back in about 2000.____That being said, here in is my dilemma.____In the past year I have been having a continual, repeated problem with my.....HP 2000 Notebook PC.....I purchased around 9-2013, that has a storage capacity on Drive C, of approx. 280 GB. ____Main Problem__ IS __ After a manual or automatic cleaning of my files, recycle bin, optimize OS using HP software, etc., And, sometimes even after just restarting-OR-rebooting it, I go to Setting and check my C Drive Storage, and it will show approx. about 135-140 GB of drive space used up_____Within a few days I get a Warning from Heath Report or Defender, etc., that my C Drive needs to be cleaned up because it is running very low on available free space. Usually LESS Than One GB of Free Space Left.....Always seems to happen within 2-3 days, but I have not downloaded ANYTHING NEW, into my Laptop____I have automatic update's for software from MS, most set to Recommended DEFAULT settings, some I set personally, to scan and clean up unneeded files, recycle bin, optimize and check operating system, etc. On a weekly schedule. After running the clean up, either manually at times, or, per the weekly cycle, while I'm at work or sleeping, I always go to Settings, and check the storage on C Drive, to get a realistic idea, of how much of my storage is being used up to that point in time, trying to maintain the general rule of no more than approx. 2/3 of its capacity, so as to not bog it down so that it run's slower, and figure that it gives me a current and fairly good, approximation of space taken up by Drive C. It is somehow, from somewhere, adding things into my C Drive that I have not downloaded anything myself. When I check in Settings for the breakdown of what is being allocated and used by with programs, file's or software, I have noticed that the Folder or File's where the App's are stored, always has the most space taken up and used. Even though I have deleted most, if not all the App's that I could, based on what my Laptop allows me to uninstall and remove, aside from those that were pre-loaded in this laptop when I bought it, and it does not allow me to remove, or, if its an integral part of the HP's MS Windows software, that it will say, removing this will basically mess up your computer, and it may not operate properly if its removed, that is where I STOP, because, I am not quite the Geek yet. Short of Googling everything, which will take me probably day's to research, I need to know from you all, The Community, what the possible root cause of this self loading problem could be, and any possible fixes to remedy this. I have seen this topic addressed here in this Forum previously, and it was some time ago, but I did not bookmark it, and am having the problem on a more frequent basis recently. I mainly use the Edge browser, or sometimes, Google Chrome or Chromium. Any and all HELP of possible clue's and fixes, would be Most Appreciated. I Bow my Head, to those of you who have more knowledge than me in this arena, as I was a child of the 60-70's, and a late bloomer to this new technology. I should have continued taking those BASIC and FORTRAN computer programming classes in High School in the late 70's, but, I was having a hard time comprehending Algebra II, and missed about the first 2 weeks of class, having registered late at a new H.S. I attended after my Parents moved to a new home across town from the one I previously attended. Cutting some classes probably did not help me in that department either. I should have stayed the course, and I may have turned out to be a programmer or an Engineer, like my older brother, but, here I am, pleading for help with this today. I am of Polish descent, with parents from the old country, who spoke little, to no English, at that time. Okay, that wasn't really probably necessary, but, I'm getting really frustrated by this, and don't want to pull out any more hair on my head, of the little that I have left. THANK YOU, in advance, for any Help you can offer me. Have a Great Day Community. :)

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