Computer screen flickering and accidental screen rotation



I'm having an issue with my screen flipping upside down and flickering black every second or so once flipped. This is sometimes triggered when I hit the up and down key, with the buttons I have bound to them on my mouse, at the same time (I am not holding ctr or alt at the same time when this happens). Once upside down and flickering, my computer (an acer laptop) seems non-responsive to the ctr+alt+up/down/up+down shortcuts. It regularly takes at least 5 minutes of hitting these keys for my computer to return to normal, which makes it hard to tell whether the hotkeys have any effect or its simply a matter of timing out which returns things to normal. Either that or I have to restart my computer, which works sometimes but not others. If I try to flip my screen upside down from normal using the standard hotkeys, there is no flickering while upside down, and I can flip it back easily, so this problem seems like separate buggy version of a screen rotation.

I haven't seen anyone else mention this issue so if anyone as any ideas as to what this could be and how to resolve it I'd much appreciaaaaaaaaaate it, thanks.

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