Why did the screen stay blue and how to turn off baseball?

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These could be related. I don't know.

On Friday I did not turn off the computer as I wanted to finish a virus scan while I was not using the computer. So on Saturday I just touched a key. I had to enter a password (why I don't know because it's my computer and no one ever comes inside the house unless they're doing a repair). I turned off the computer when I got through.

On Sunday something weird was happening. Normally, when I go to the Internet all the windows except in-private come up. This time only one window came up. Then it disappeared. There was a baseball game on and I couldn't turn it off because clicking on the e (for Edge) only gave me the one window. I had to turn off the sound. I turned off the computer when I got through.

On Monday after I entered my password the screen turned blue. Not the shade of blue it turns when software is updating. And there was no message of any kind. Not even the dots chasing each other around in a circle. After a while I turned off the computer. I had to enter my password, but I got sent back to the blue screen. I unplugged the computer and plugged it back in and turned it on. This time, I got sent to the screen where the e is to click on to go to the Internet. When I clicked on the e, numerous windows came up. Those were not there when I turned off the computer the previous day. Why? Why was the screen blue before I unplugged the computer? Were these related? Any ideas?

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