Using a Windows XP SP-3 machine, I can't access any Microsoft Knowledge Base articles



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I have 2 machines: WinXP & Windows 10. On Windows 10, I can use my browser & navigate to a knowledge base article. If I try to do this on my WinXP, machine, I can't. I'm redirected to to a general microsoft site every time. I've uploaded a picture of this. If I sign in with my Microsoft account, I'm taken to a general site shown in the 2nd picture I've uploaded.

I understand that support for WinXP ended a long time ago. That's not the issue. I should still be able to get to certain websites that I know exist. e.g. here is a site that I can readily access on my Windows 10 machine, but can't on my WinXP machine.

Thanks for any help!

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