Problem with display scaling on dual 4K and standard screens



I have a Dell Precision T5810 workstation running Windows 10 Pro (Xeon E5-1620 processor, 16GB RAM). There are dual displays (extended): Dell S2817Q 4K monitor running at 3840x2160 on the Display Port outlet of an Nvidia Quadro K620 card (Driver version 397.64) and a second monitor - Dell 2007FP running at 1600x1200 on the DVI outlet.

I have the 4K monitor with scaling at the recommended 150% and the 2007FP at 100%.

I have an issue with menu panels in AutoCAD - when I drag a sub-menu (Design Center palette) onto the 2007FP, it displaces from the cursor and only half appears, the rest is off-screen to the right. This is a problem as the title bar is vertical on the right-hand edge of the menu, so I cannot drag it back as the cursor is restricted to the physical screen.

This does not occur with other windows, such as Explorer or Word.

It is as if the sub-menu retains the 150% scaling of the 4K display when it transfers to the other display instead of taking on the 100% scaling of the 2007FP.

Is there any settings I have missed?

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