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Inability to get handwriting to type what I actually wrote is driving me up the wall. It's definitely an auto-correct issue and not a recognition one: I am having very little trouble with standard words, even though I haven't trained the app in my handwriting yet. The issue is arising with acronyms: all caps, 'printed' rather than cursive style. All I want is for the input to put in the letters I *actually used*, instead of auto-correcting and forcing me to keep switching to the touch keyboard.

Before posting here, I switched off the appropriate auto-correct options in Settings/Devices, in Outlook 16 and in Word 16, and added the acronyms I am wanting to use in the custom dictionary. Can anyone advise me what I have missed please? - ideally an option to add to dictionary from the handwriting input panel?

I've searched extensively and cannot find an answer elsewhere although a few people appear to have raised similar queries on earlier Windows 10 versions. Is this an annoying MS 'feature' which makes what appears to be a basically good handwriting input entirely unusable for anyone who uses lots of specialist terms? If so, then I guess I'll just have to hope they fix it in a future update - feedback via Settings isn't working for me either (possibly because I KO'd Cortana, and it's staying that way!)

Thanks very much in advance for any insights.


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