AD replication - where does repadmin get its list of repl partners list from? Is full mesh actually necessary?



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So, I'm trying to track down whether the below is an actual issue or not. I know, I know, all DCs *should* be able to see all other DCs according to MS. But, the destination server is receiving updates circuitously through other DCs. I was told from those "higher up the chain" that this isn't really an issue but I'm skeptical.

One of the questions I have is, where is the repadmin command getting its repl partner list from? Sites and Services doesn't list the repl partnership that is showing as failed so it can't be from there. Secondly, where can I get the exact number of days that it hasn't been replicating (instead of >60 days) and exactly what isn't replicating (instead of fails/total 15/30). Thirdly, does anyone have some pointers to an MS whitepaper regarding best practice for AD replication?

Any help would be appreciated. TIA!

Destination server - SERVER1

Source DSA largest delta fails/total %% error

SERVER-FS >60 days 15 / 30 50 (1722) The RPC server is unavailable.

SERVER2 02h:22m:22s 0 / 25 0

SERVER3 48m:07s 0 / 35 0

SERVER4 02h:22m:19s 0 / 35 0

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