Windows Server 2016 CORE



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I had a Windows Server 2012 r2 and was having issues with it so decided to redo the server and install Server 2016 to get the most recent OS going. During the install I guess I installed Server Core not knowing what I was about to get into. Now I'm stuck with just the Sever Core cmd or powershell screens and I cannot get the desktop experience or GUI installed. I've done tons of research and actually have installed some roles/features from powershell, joined to my domain and can RDP into it but I just want the desktop experience so I can move around like normal. We are a small shop with only a handful of servers so NO need to work in powershell like Microsoft wants everyone to do now thinking everyone has 1000's of servers I guess. I've tried to boot from my external drive and load 2012 r2 ISO back but the server will not reset or go back to a previous build.

Basically I am stuck in Server Core hell and just want the simple desktop back so I can move forward. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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