WinNT provider fails to locate users on the domain - cannot locate server

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My company wants to our software to support server 2016. I set up 2 2016 servers -one has DC and the other has applications. On the application server, I run a script that will add a domain user to the local administrators group. It first checks to see if the user is a valid domain user, so it first tries to get a list of all domain users It is using the WnNT protocol (
Set objNTUser = GetObject("WinNT://" & fqdn & "/" & Account & ",user"))

The Account variable is an arguments to the script. (the fqdn is %USERDNSDOMAIN%, and the Account variable is a valid domain user. The script works on server 2012, but it fails on server 2016 with error code 462 (cannot locate server or server unavailable).

I have also tried a powershell script using the WinNT protocol and it also fails.

I then wrote a script using LDAP, and the query worked.

On the 2016 application server, WInNT works when I get the list of all local users.

I disabled the firewall (on both DC and application server), but it still failed.

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