Updated to Version 1803 - now lots of BSODs



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Microsoft updated my computer to version 1803. The update "completed successfully" but in the few hours since completion, there have been six BSODs, each with a forced restart. Five BSODs were Stop Code - Critical Process Dies; one said System Service Exception.

I need to actually use my computer, so I was forced to roll back to version 1709. 1709 is completely reliable as it was before. To prevent 1803 from downloading or installing I have set my network connection to 'metered.'

I realize 1803 is the future; I hope that the cause of my issue can be identified and fixed at some point. My PC is

HP Envy 13" laptop, model AD173CL

i7-8850U CPU

Intel SSD

Intel Graphics 620 and nVidia GeForce MX150 display adapters

Before the upgrade to 1803, Windows 1709 was fully up to date. I also went to HP support to make sure drivers were all up to date.

Googling implied the issue might be due to the Intel Graphics 620 driver. The Intel install exe for a more-recent driver would not work, saying I had to get the driver from HP. Intel gives a procedure to override that, but it too didn't work, said something like 'incompatible hardware.'

I suppose I should wait a few weeks to see what develops, but perhaps there is evidence still on my drive that can point to what the problem is, evven though I rolled back to 1709. I notice that there's a \$Windows.~BT folder, for example. I would welcome advice on things to check for.

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