Very Big Problem With Latest Win 10 Update Please Help!



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I have a very big problem. I tried to preform the latest feature update on my win 10 computer, but something has gone very wrong. After it finished, I tried to log on to the admin account and I got this screen.

The white thing is an error message saying: C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\Desktop is unavailable. The screen is black. The task bar does show but there is not much on it. I can't click on anything, and the sound service is not working. I also have a strange lock icon on the task bar. I also can't turn off or restart the computer because the start menu wont open. I have to put the computer into sleep mode and wake it to bring it back the the logon screen so I can shut it down. I tried shutting it down and turning it back on the next day, and when it started up it gave me two unknown hard errors. I was able to log on to my account though but the sound service was not working, the start menu will not open, cortana wont work, I cant click on anything on my desktop, there are programs that were not running, AVG was saying that I was not protected, I still had that strange lock icon on my taskbar, If I right click and try to open settings it says it is not installed, If I try to open some programs I get a message saying class not registered, I was able to open task manager with the keyboard short cut and I saw there was a lot of programs not running, and I was able to use it to open explorer so I was able to copy some of my files to a USB drive. Also when I tried logging in it world not take my password even though I know it was right, but I finally got in. So I ten tried restarting my computer to see if anything would change and I am now back to the black desktop screen with nothing on it. Something has gone very wrong and I don't know what. Can some one help me? How can I fix this so I can use my computer?

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