Running out of disk space on local drive ( I: ) . Where is it?



Have Windows 10. Last week received popup that Windows was wanting to do updates and it would take a while. I let it download the updates almost 100 of them which after checking later were mostly for Microsoft Office with a few security updates. Why so many at one time??

Next day I start getting popup notifications saying the local disk drive ( I: ) is running low on space. In file manager under This PC showing my OS( C: ) drive, DVD drive ( D: ) and local disk Drive ( I: ). The ( I: ) shows 34.2MB free of 449MB.

Didn't know I had a Disk Drive ( I: ). What does it do? How do I correct this?

Is that why now I'm getting a message under Maintenance " Reconnect your drive (important) Your File History Drive was disconnected for too long.

Reconnect your drive and then run a backup."

Are the File History Drive and the Local disk drive ( I: ) the same?

Then today I got a blue screen saying Windows needed to fix something and restart. Gave link to Microsoftsupport/_____ don't remember the word after support.

But pc did restart. What is going on? All happening after the large amount of Windows updates downloaded. Looking for answers.


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