Windows10 Tiledata Base Corupt



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Version 1803....running StartMenu shows Tile DataBase Corrupt and Unable to fix.

I have run sfc / integrity issues found

I have run the DISM showed no is that possible?

I do have an issue; the Windows10 following install of 1803 does not show the Text to the right of programs in start menu list. Some Tiles will brighten up when you click on them, others will not. Sometimes multiple Tiles brighten.

I have checked for latest Graphic Driver, I have the newest one Installed

I have Uninstalled and re-installed the Graphic Driver.

I have read the fix about creating a new User Acct... don't want to do that have found that it can create more issues than it solves....that is also so for performing re-install of Windows and keeping Personal files, etc. many times software does not run following a Re-install.

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