Did GDPR break HK Invoke/Cortana in some way?


Michael C.Maston

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I have a bot I created/published via Knowledge Store that links Cortana to my home automation system (HomeSeer). This has been working well since January and then suddenly on 6/5/18 it has stopped working on my HK Invoke. The same bot under the same account continues to work great on my PCs using Cortana but the Invoke acts like it doesn't know about the skill the bot supports. I've totally reset the Invoke, tried republishing the bot, … but it will not work on the Invoke but will continue to work on my PCs.

I'm thinking maybe the implementation of GDPR privacy caused something to break (since it went into effect just when my bot stopped working)? I get no messages or options to allow the bot some additional permission but I can't imagine that bots have stopped working on Invoke now.

Any ideas?

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