Black login screen + fast startup problem



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While having issues with login screen being black and only thing i can see is the pre login screen where I need to click a key to get to login scree.

After I click a key login screen is all black with loading circle near mouse, then it kicks me back to pre login screen.

That could be fixed with a boot in safe mode but cuz fast startup is by default enabled I cant get my keyboard and screen working till I get the windows loaded. I tryed hard shutdown, reseting windows by removing battey on motherboard and draining the power completly but no luck.

I have a led keyboard and after the reseting bios I get my keyboard working on cold startup but screen still isnt working till windows appears. Tryed another output on the gpu and still not working.

Inserting win 10 instalation disc also is not working cuz i cant configute boot device

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