I had to add a second email , now Win 10 made it Administrator , not my original one , and it wants me to log in now



I had to add another hotmail email for a stupid forum i had to sign up for to edit some GoPro footage , so Windows 10 decided on its own to make that email address the main administrator account , and it also removed from the Accounts Screen , my original Hotmail account , so i can't switch to it as the main and make the new one a just a user account , my original account is still here , its just a Regular limited access account which pisses me off and for some reason it no longer shows up under Settings/Users/Administrators , WHY was this done ???? , Why did it not give me a choice as to which email i wanted to remain Administrator , and why did it make a new email automatically the Administrator account ??? , it also decided after i rebooted my pc , that it wants me to log in with a password using the new email account , it gives me no option to log on with a different account , or bypass login altogether which is how it has been since day 1 until this stupid email address took over on its own , who thought this idiotic idea up ??? , Please Fire them !!! , i am guessing because Windows 10 decided on its own to make my main Administrator account , a plain user account with no authority that i am having to ask this in these forums , i am really pissed about this

If i wanted the account setting changed i would have changed it , but i did not , i wanted EVERYTHING left the same as it was with the exception of having 2 hotmail email addresses because a video editor forum can't accept email addresses with a underscore , so my regular email would not work , so i created a new/second one , and now my PC is screwed up with a log in screen (i never log in or enter passwords on anything in Windows 10) , its MY PC , i do not need to Log In , i just want to restart , and have it restart and go to my desktop with my original account as the primary administrator account with FULL privileges and no restrictions , and just have a second email that does nothing except receive and send emails with no user account control , as its just a stupid email , its not a changed account , nor did i authorize , nor was i asked permission for Windows 10 to CHANGE MY ACCOUNT SETTING WITHOUT MY PERMISSION !!!! , i just added a second simple email , i should be able to have a dozen emails , without each new one taking over , why does Windows 10 have to override MY decisions and accounts with stupid decisions that screw things up ?? , if I am THE ADMINISTRATOR ???? , ME , NOT Microsoft !!!

How to i fix this idiotic mess that Windows 10 created WITHOUT deleting accounts or losing all my settings ???

All i want is to change the NEW account to normal , and put back my Original Email/Microsoft account as Administrator with FULL Privileges and no log in screen (the account i am logged into these forums with)

Any actual helpful info would be appreciated , Please no Generic Microsoft replies about needing log in for security or needing to reset all my accounts and lose all my settings , i DO NOT want to log in or have accounts changed because of adding a second email account , which should NOT have changed my setting at all , it should have just added a SECONDARY email address so i have 2 emails , its not that hard Microsoft , why do you insist on screwing up everyones PC with stuff we don't want or need ????

Thanks ..... Jim

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