i can't reconnect my file history drive



i have an HP stream and since i got it and installed windows 10 it kept saying it was low on storage, when i tried to go through storage space and disk management to clean the space it could not clean out anything because everything was needed for the system to work properly, so i got an external hard drive (1TB by Seagate) my files and system recovery started backing up to the external hard drive which was labeled D//: D drive. my son accidentally unplugged the external hard drive from the lap top and now all of my windows system is like missing. Everything i try to click on or go into says the system environment is not recognized. Its taking extremely long for the system to boot up, and even though is says that the D drive is there I keep getting an error message stating that %wind%system32 or something like that's environment cannot be located. Please help me? I am desperate every time that i call Microsoft they keep trying to do the same thing which is re download windows 10 but the system is not letting them due to the lack of storage, I am willing to buy more insurance or whatever i just really need some help.

-Thank You.....

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