Why is Windows 10 Audio Endpoint Builder taking 1.3 gigs of computer memory and 26% of CPU usage.



It's "Crazytown" with Windows Audio Endpoint Builder grabbing so much computer memory and 26% of the CPU usage. When running a Google News daily page report , Audio Endpoint Builder revs up and grabs so much bandwidth, CPU use and memory use its insane.

Why does it do this?? Seems greatly excessive. Firefox cannot even play news video smoothly , same thing happen on YouTube now also. Old Internet Explorer can play video much smoother than new web search engines- "E, Firefox, Opera".... the biggest shame is that YouTube is unbearable to watch on the PC anymore. Weird thing is YouTube plays super smooth and in HD rez on the television....

It almost seems as if Audio Endpoint Builder is gearing up to be a commercial delivery machine for all the stupid pop up advertising that lurks on the internet - (by that I mean virtually EVERY website).

Don't claim it is my Internet service- I am running on ethernet to router and I have greater than 50-70 mbs at all times...My PC has a fast CPU, video card, PCI audio card...

Oh that's right ...The Realtek audio built into my motherboard failed about when a WIN 10 upgrade loaded this spring and summer. Realtek audio was disabled by WIN 10 after those "upgrades". Buying a separate audio card was the only way to restore audio on my PC. I notice other people posting about failing Realtek drivers also.

Can't you fix this Microsoft.....PLEASE!!!!

WIn 10 user

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