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Hello All,

I had a BSOD after a reboot post one of the recent patch updates and since then I can't get verify your account to last more than a few reboots without being asked to verify my account again.

Things I've tried.

1. reset my PC keeping settings (this seemed to work to recover from the BSOD until I noticed the account issue this thread is for - all other programs worked fine after)

2. ran the troubleshooter - I can't remember now what it said it found, but after it said it fixed something it made no difference

3. removed MS account, signed on as local account, added MS account back (suggested by MS in chat)

4. reset my MS account password (though I was able to get in before so it wasn't that I didn't know the password) - suggested by MS in chat.

5. joined test program to try beta for next update - no change
6. went back to cloned copy of drive, but sadly it was a copy after the BSOD reset settings option I did so it has the problem with the account verify request rinse repeat even after verification says successful
7. found threads via Google search for others having same problem, but like me they don't seem to contain results that have worked.

These might not be in the order I tried them though it is probably fairly close as much as I can remember over the last few weeks I've had this issue.

no joy on any of this - option 8 seems to be wait for the upcoming update and if it doesn't fix it go for the ever dreaded full reinstall from scratch though would rather avoid that if possible.

Any ideas?

Thank you,

Neil Figot

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