Looking for my 5 GHZ wifi network

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Time ago, at the very start of my contract with my wifi network. I could choose from my 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ wifi easily from my computer (Windows 10) and my phone (7s) everything was good and I used to be connected all the time to 2.4 GHZ wifi. Nowadays I'm trying to connect to my 5 GHZ wifi through my phone and my computer and I can no longer connect my computer to that wifi service, It used to appear as a normal wifi network but now it doesn't, my phone can easily connect to it and work with it so I don't understand why my computer can no longer connect to it now. I tried to update and roll back my wifi driver and it still don't appear, I tried to make the wifi 5 GHZ connection to hidden and therefore try to connect to it and it didn't work. I tried a lot of things and it still doesn't.

I really need help because the 2.4 GHZ is too slow for the things I need to do and that annoys me!.

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