Cumulative Updates unable to install in Windows 10 1607 on VHD (Error code: 2149842967= 0x80240017)

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Shiva AbishekSelvam

1. We tried to push windows cumulative updates to client machines via BigFix, unable to install the updates not all the machines have this issue only 12 machines affected so we proceeded to do manual update.

2. While checking from control panel we get to know those machines couldn't get the cumulative patches since March 2018, We downloaded offline installer for August cumulative updates and tried to install it. But it couldn't install after initialising the installer.

3. We also tried to install previous cumulative updates (May, June & July) which we cannot install as well

4. We tried to install other updates such as Security update for Adobe Flash player which can be installed.

5. We tried to uninstall previous months cumulative updates and tried to install latest 2018-09 cumulative which cannot be installed as well

6. Apart from installing from offline installer we also tried to install from Settings > windows updates > Check for updates which we able to download all available updates but when installing it installed all other updates except cumulative update.

7. Next we delete contents of software distribution folder and delete the XblgameSave from registry and then tried to install through offline installer cumulative update still failed.

8. Restart the Wusa and BITS service and run the installer through offline installer which still failed

It will be great if can resolve this issue as we can use the solutions to all our users.


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