Can't access computers on local network after Windows update.


Baste Nesse Buanes

After the recent Windows update (updating to Win10 17134.285), we're unable to access some computers on the local network in the normal way.

The computers are listed both in Explorer under "Network", and if we run net view, but trying to access them through explorer or the command line fails with "Error code: 0x80070035 The network path was not found."

If we access the computers through their local IP address (eg. 10.0.10.xx), we can access them just fine. So if I have a computer named "SomeComputer", with the ip address "", opening \\SomeComputer in Explorer fails, but opening \\ works fine. The same goes for CDing to a shared folder on the machine, or using other programs (like git) to access files on the shared folders - using the computer's name fails, using the computer's ip works.

I have tried:

- ensuring that all settings in Network and Sharing center have network discovery on,

- turning on SMB 1.0 in "Turn Windows features on or off". This helped with an issue where computers were not showing up under "network", but I still can't access them.

- ensuring that all computers are on the same Workgroup

Any ideas?

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