Logitech C922 pro webcam w/ personify background replacement not working!



I am a Variety live streamer on Twitch. I just recently bought a new desktop pc for live streaming and gaming. I have also purchased 2 Logitech c922 Pro Webcams because it has the built in green screen background replacement software. I can not get the personify chromacam feature to work on either web cam on any streaming software or apps that is mention to work in the packaging when I received my purchase. I have looked all over the internet to find a solution to this problem and have still not found a solution to make this camera work. I have also tried to use these webcams on other desktop computers and a few laptops that are owned by family and friends and some of those desktops and laptop have show chromacam feature but those computer or laptops are not built to run the camera and screens freeze or lag. I wanted to see if the webcams were defective or was it another problem. I have never gotten either cam to work with my new desktop purchase. I have also updated drivers, my windows 64 bit operation system several times, streaming software, camera, etc and have gotten same results. everything I could think of and suggestion for people who have tried to help me and nothing has worked.

I am hoping that someone has a solution to this problem that can help me.

I would like to say in advance to everyone THANKS FOR THE HELP, ADVICE, in helping me to resolve this problem I am having.


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