Password and security after system restore

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I got a blue screen this a.m. after starting my pc. Just before the blue screen, I received a message from McAfee that real time scanning was off. I have gotten this message several times recently at startup and simply turned scanning on. This day I could not get scanning to stay on and kept working. Then the blue screen. I ran a system restore successfully. This was the first time I have had to do this. Afterward could not log in to a local media outlet as usual and had to create a new password. Several hours later Netflix notified me that about the time I did the restore they noticed a login to my account from a computer in my general location. I checked and found no new usage of the Netflix account, but changed my password. I am running a virus scan now with no viruses detected about 75 percent of the way through. Question: Has my computer been compromised? How do I tell other than with what I have done so far? Should I change all passwords as a precaution, and what else should I do to insure security?

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