Enhance pointer precision in game?



So for decades I've played PC game with primarily the same input setup in terms of pointing device and sensitivity, and all of a sudden one day a while back, I was no longer able. I thought it was the move to Windows 10, and so I moved back to 7 to no avail. I'm come to theorize it has to do with DirectX moving from Dinput to Xinput, but I don't know enough about drivers to say for sure. All I know now is all of my games basically run on "raw input" and even if I use the setpoint software for my logitech devices, and check the option to use desktop sensitivity in game, it no longer works, though it had for years. Most of the time I didn't even need the software, and for most of those years, there was a sentiment online that "mouse acceleration is bad for gaming" being signified with posts asking how to turn it off, enable raw input, etc.

Bearing all those things in mind, is this something that has been thrown to the way side in an attempt to cater to the majority? Should I still be able to point/aim in game(s) with the WEPP acceleration curve?

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