Windows 7 x64 Spacebar Not Working



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I've noticed that since the December 2018 Microsoft updates, my keyboard space-bar stops working intermittently. It's the only key on the keyboard that appears to stop working. I'm able to resolve the issue by performing a disk clean-up with Temp File Cleaner, and CCleaner, and then rebooting. However, after a period of time when more temp internet files are accumulated, the issue returns.

I'm running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit on my desktop PC.

I highly suspect the issue is related to Windows Updates, because this issue just became a problem in December 2018 for me. Apparently, some recent Microsoft updates have "bugs" with some undesirable side effects.

Microsoft needs to look into this problem. A web search reveals that others are experiencing this problem as well.

Does any know if Microsoft is aware of this problem and if they are working on it?


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