Windows 7 Task Manager Disappeared and Replaced with Something I've Never Seen Before



So this stared happening a couple weeks ago but every time i press control+alt+delete the the first screen is normal but when i choose the task manager this box shows up that has User, ID, Status, Client Name, and Session at the top with each having its own column vertically then under that it has a horizontal bar under that that says 'Owner' under 'User' then the number '1' under 'ID' then it says 'Active' under 'Status' then there is nothing under 'Client Name' but then it says 'Console' under 'Session' then at the bottom are three buttons only two of which i can use and each one disconnects my from my computer it just restarts and they say in order 'Disconnect' then 'Logoff' and the one i can not use says 'Send Message'. I wish i could show you the screen shot i have on it, it would make it so much easier to understand. So my task manage is just gone even when i press control+shift+escape the same box shows up and I am at a loss for words. This is actually harmful for my PC because i need my task manager so if anyone knows what this thing is and maybe how to get rid of it i would be super grateful.

thank you

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