USB Devices not recognized after Jan 2019 update



I was trying to transfer photos from my LG TracFone to the HP Pavilion laptop and switching between 2 USB ports does not get the device recognized. It has worked previously. Apparently it is calling the phone a USB Charge Only Interface, but that doesn't register on the Safely Remove Devices icon. And I get an unrecognized USB device message.

Something changed in the last Updates.....Help, Please.

The most recent updates are:

2018-10 Update for WIN 10 version 1803 for x64 based systems KB4100347 1/11/2019

2019-01 Cumulative Update "" KB4480966 1/8/2019

in October the 2018-10 Cumulative Update for Win 10 KB4462919 10/10/18

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