Windows update messed up my surface



I have a surface pro 4 and a surface pro 6. With the most recent updates this week, both computers malfunctioned. My pro 4 gave me trouble with GDrive. I called Gsuite administrator, and after at least 45 minutes they fixed the problem.

Next up was Surface pro 6. On my pro 6, I was working on a document that was saved to onedrive. When the update was done, that document was lost. I could see it, but not open it. After tinkering with it, I got it to open, so I copied and pasted it to a G doc.

But that document wont open in word. Also, I want my surface go back to the setting it had originally, which was the desktop setting.

I have gone to your troubleshoot option, and it does not help. The problem I have is not mentioned there.

If I cannot open a MS doc in MS Doc, why am I paying for your services?

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