WDS not working : server 2012R2



WDS not working for me, I get as far as getting IP address from the DHCP server and then PXE-E11 ARP Timeout

I have been able to confirm DHCP scope is serving address to the PXE client. Option 60,66 and 67 configured.

I have confirmed TFTP is working from WDS server as I can 'GET' a file from \Boot\x64\Images\...

This shows in Event viewer as successful

Any help appreciated.


Test TFTP connection request produces Timeout

[WDSServer/WDSTFTP] TFTPParse[Request]: OpCode=1, File=\\WDSCORPMDT\DeploymentShare$\Boot\test.txt, Mode=1, BlkSize=512, WinSize=1, Timeout=2, TSize=0, MsftWindow=0

Successfully confirmed TFTP. see attached image for config

[WDSServer/WDSTFTP] TftpSession[0x0000002E92AF39C0:] - Initialized: Local=

[WDSServer/WDSTFTP] CTftpServer::GetFilePath: Local Path=[E:\RemoteInstall\Boot\x64\Images\test2.txt]

The timeout is set to 30 seconds as shown in the bcdedit output below, so this is not the timeout as seen in PXE error TFTP timeout

C:\Windows\system32>bcdedit /enum all /store E:\RemoteInstall\Boot\x64\default.

Windows Boot Manager
identifier {bootmgr}
fontpath \boot\fonts
inherit {dbgsettings}
timeout 30

Debugger Settings
identifier {dbgsettings}
debugtype Serial
debugport 1
baudrate 115200

Device options
identifier {68d9e51c-a129-4ee1-9725-2ab00a957daf}
ramdisksdidevice boot
ramdisksdipath \Boot\Boot.SDI
ramdisktftpblocksize 1456
ramdisktftpwindowsize 4
ramdisktftpvarwindow Yes


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