i was waiting for an action on my laptop and i looked over at recycle bin and clicked it had music, documents,and images/pictures i had downloaded i



first let me say I'm not the savviest person when it comes to computers but I do ok, I'm more likely not do something in fear of messing my computer up or losing something, I get nervous deleting stuff on my phone after I upload it to my drive because I'm scared that I wont be able to find it....I have never let an third party clean my laptop, on an occasion have downloaded a cleaner for my phone but even then I limit what it does, that being said I'm really confused on how these items would end up in the recycle been, and as you can see even more because I'm not the best when it comes to all the different things you can do with the current technology, I think the reason why I have so much fear experimenting and trying different things is I'm a visual person which helps me learn faster by doing but the draw back is there is no one physically to show me how to correct a wrong that I did while playing around and learning, ive tried to get help this way before and the instruction they give me almost always doesn't describe in detail what to do to fix a problem or lack details on how to and when doing the step by step instructions it uses tech. phrases in which I'm not familiar with or show a picture of what to click on yet mine doesn't look like that and I cant tell or ask an actually person at the time I'm doing it, ive gotten so frustrated at my laptop ive yelled a few choice words and come very very close to throwing it and mashing it to pieces, thank goodness im able to restrain from damaging it so far...lol...and I know I'm not alone either...you would think with all this technology, programs, and apps, and the knowledge we have now when it comes to all the different ways people learn that someone would have developed something to address this, I used to teach young children but due to life altering events and my health I cant physical do it anymore, and I know there's a lot of people who cant get out of the house or the means to take classes to learn and with the way things are now a days people do less and less face to face interaction which is in my opinion real problem specially because it isolates people who are different or elderly even more, and of course taking a course on line surely wont help in this type of situation....I know this is a bit more than a question but its a problem with in a problem and me being a teacher by nature and loved teaching kids in different ways and seeing the happiness when clicks in there head yet i find myself to the point of yelling and cursing and wanting to destroy an object with so much passion.....lol...because I'm trying to learn or fix a problem, well if nothing else I hope this was entertaining...…


Hopeful :)

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