Windows XP Activation : Microsoft Case Ref No: 1460933460



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This refers to our telecon with Microsoft representative today (Case Ref No, 1460933460).

We are an Oil and Gas facility in Qatar. We have a critical industrial PC installed with Windows XP SP3 which was setup around 10 years back. Recently we had hardware error, and we had resolved it successfully.

But after that when we boot the machine it takes to windows XP product activation screen. Since now Microsoft not supporting the activation of XP machine on telephone we are unable to get confirmation ID.

Please provide solution for

1. how we may get confirmation id for our genuine windows XP product? (we have product key for this machine)

2. what is the work around to solve this issue

Note that the machine is not connected and cannot be connected to the internet. As the PC is very important to run our plant operations, we appreciate if you can get an urgent response.


Mujahid Iqbal

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