Mouse keeps shutting down to try and save power...



I never had this problem before but recently my wireless mouse seems to shut down after a minute or two. I think it's about saving battery power.

I only have the windows driver installed, no outside company driver - i've tried to download several drivers from 'Tecknet', the company that made the mouse. It's just a generic 5-button mouse driver. It didn't even seem to install itself. I think the mouse is supposed to just use generic Microsoft mouse driver.

I've checked under the root hub, power management tab to see if the checkbox regarding 'power down to save energy' is unchecked. It's never been checked.

It an annoyance to have the mouse power down every few minutes. Sometimes you click to turn the power back on and it hasn't turned off so you end up clicking when you don't want to. I've closed browser windows and such - things you don't want to do!

Any suggestions?


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