Not able to save to a certain location



So recently I've been trying to mod Oblivion, and I need to make changes to one of the mod's .ini files by using Notepad, but when I try to save the file to the location, it says:

"You can't save to 'D:\Users\parks\Steam\steamapps\common\Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers\Fundament R4\Ini'. Please choose another location."

I've been watching this tutorial and been following along with it to try and solve this problem, but I'm not getting the same things that the guy in it is getting (I've also found some other tutorials, but they all have pretty much everything the same compared to the guy in the video). I've created this large image showing side by side comparison screenshots of what I was shown while following the tutorial, as well as what was shown in the tutorial itself (me on the left, him on the right):

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