How do I permanently delete the keyboard driver from my notebook?




I've recently spilt coffee all over my Notebook, but thankfully it still works - except for when the keyboard is activated. It makes the PC very buggy and unusable, that's why I want to permanently disable the keyboard. I've tried several things already:

- Deleting the keyboard/driver from the device manager
(this works for a while and lets me use the computer but it just reinstalls itself the next time I start the computer) (with the message: Installing USB Keyboard)

-Disabling instead of deleting it (it still is working somehow even though it says that it's disabled and it stays like this even if I restart but it changes nothing sadly)

-Choosing an incompatible keyboard driver for the laptop keyboard (it STILL WORKS with that I assume it just automatically chooses the correct one even if it's displaying an incorrect one?)

-using an external keyboard via USB (the external keyboard works fine BUT the laptop keyboard is simultaneously working, ergo the bugs reappear)

-crying (probably helped the most so far)

Is there any other option that I can try?

I'm not a PC expert so please explain it as simple as possible. I'd be thankful for any ideas!!!


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