Why does Microsoft suck?



So Ive been playing on this new laptop for a few weeks when I notice that nothing is actually being saved on my laptop. Im all for backups and what not but its kinda of irritating when, from the address bar I start to delete one word at a time:

"C:\Users\highe\OneDrive\Desktop\for mark"

becomes "C:\Users\highe\OneDrive\Desktop"

then "C:\Users\highe\OneDrive\"

then finally when it becomes "C:\Users\highe\" and the accompanying drop down list doesn't contain the reference of "onedrive" one would assume that by clicking any of the options that DO NOT say Onedrive that they could then access a simple LOCAL FOLDER on their OWN computer??? I've tried to take a screenshot or use the "upload" button at the top of this message box to no avail (how convenient) just to prove my point.

I was going to "unlink" my computer from their clutches but the onedrive option is no longer in my taskbar nor in the notifications section of the taskbar settings. Which is odd because I had contemplated unlinking couple days ago but after seeing how much stuff would be removed from MyDesktop I opted to wait until I could get a storage device to download it to since there is no way to store it locally without a great deal of confusion. which brings me to my next point:

Why make it so confusing? Why would one have to take extra steps, extra precautions, just to make sure that their OWN files are kept only on THEIR computer that THEY bought for THEMSELVES.

Why does everything on this Windows 10 file-system seem so deceptive? I challenge someone to post a screenshot of a Windows10 address bar that gives a path to a Local File. And if possible SIMPLY explain how they did so. And I'd ask Microsoft why such a task needs an explanation at all???

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