Taskbar ends in the middle problem




I've got the following problem (Sorry but I don't have time to search tons of sites where to put the issue or to find where the windows support resides.)

I use a 2 in 1 device with clean Windows 10 pro installation. When I swipe down and up through the bottom edge of the display, during the up movement there is a huge chance of this happening:


The taskbar transforms into this and the right side is clickable but dead (it does nothing except for showing you a context menu on right click) Sometimes keyboard layout button peeks half way from the edge of the display in the middle of that dead zone. The rest of the icons seem to be shifted to the bottom where nothing can ever reach them.

Restarting the explorer.exe process temporairly resolves the issue, until the next swipe motion does the same.

Thank you for help or fix.

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