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how do I get the cert# from Microsoft,?!! so I can boot up my old X.P. home edition (service pack 3) hard drive? when the software is no longer supported and the PC cant find the provided # online ?? I followed all their instructions to a "T" and it did not work!

I even have the original cert # but when booted ask you to type in the # provided, then does a search and fails.

I have over 10 years of documents and pictures files etc... and now have no way to recover it!

I purchased a refurbished PC with windows 10 on it and then soon learned I could not slave my old X.P. hard drive to it! WT??

Also learned you cant run X.P. on the new windows 10 systems! this just SUCKS!,

how am I suppose to get all my old stuff on the new PC? now that my original PC's heat sink broke when I went to remove it to clean it!!!

I tried another PC with X.P. on it but did not have administrative rights and could not reset the password even after setting it to default in the bios and clearing them (does not work) there's another question?

I set my original hard drive as a slave (I think) but like I say when booted ask for the windows cert # cause the IP address changed etc... (different PC)

I was able to get in as a guest and wanted to copy the slave hard drive to a thumb drive, but it would only let me access the D: drive recovery file?? and not c: !!! uuggghhhhh!!!

So now I'm stuck, and guessing even if I get my old PC fixed and fire it back up its going to ask for the cert# witch MICROSOFT NO LONGER SUPPORTS! AND WILL NO LONGER VALIDATE MY ORIGINAL SOFTWARE SO I CAN KEEP USING IT!!


I'm now stuck using an old Acer laptop with Vista and a dual partition hard drive (prone to failure) and No longer supported as well!!

How nice!

I need to recover the contents of the X.P. hard drive.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

thank you.

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