Windows Explorer high 100% CPU usage while playing games



There is a strange issues with Windows Explorer. While i'm playing Need for speed payback and as soon as I complete the race, enter the garage, teleport etc, the Explorer always goes high CPU. It's getting worse if I play longer time. And on Mirrors Edge, Windows Explorer goes 100% for few seconds, down and up repeatly. Minimize it or switch to another window stops immediately. And as son as i open the game and play, it happens again

It's only happens on specific games. I played Steep and Dead by Daylight for 6 hours, nothing happens, explorer.exe are 0% usage and calm. As soon as i play Mirrors Edge, it happens again.

I searched around the internet and all says must scan for virus. So i did, scanned for virus including rootkit using Malwarebytes, nothing. Ran scan disk and system repair, nothing. Checked Process Hacker, none of processes attached to Windows Explorer uses high cpu so thats itself that does that.
Screenshot of task manager


I tried uninstall Malwarebytes and update Windows, problem still remain

I open Process Explorer, open properties of explorer.exe -> Theads and I see lots of ntdll.dll!RtlReleaseSRWLockExclusive using high CPU usage


What are these and why are they using so much usage while playing game?

I don't understand why this is the issue. My PC is running 1809 and was clean installed 6 months ago and I keep my PC clean as much as possible

Hope anyone can help me. Would be nice if Microsoft developers who developed explorer.exe will talk to me

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